About CakeSystems

The Energy Performance Score (EPS) is an energy performance asset rating tool for both new and existing homes. The EPS is a metric that reflects the energy and carbon impact for a home and allows for home-to-home comparison. The Energy Performance Score is a "MPG" or miles-per-gallon style rating or label for the built environment. EPS has three components: the assessment, the scorecard, and the recommendation report to guide improvements in a cost effective manner. For an energy assessment, the scorecard can reflect the potential improvement of a home with an "After Upgrades" reference point. For scorecards generated by post-retrofit, quality-assurance assessments, a "Before Upgrades" reference point displays the gains that this house made.

Aside from being a certified Energy Performance Score Energy Professional, professionals participating in the program are certified Building Performance Analysts. They are certified through the Building Performance Institute (BPI), which provides quality assurance on assessments to ensure that Energy Professionals are providing safe and dependable assessments. BPI certification means that Energy Professionals have received training and have been tested on various elements of building science, making valuable energy upgrade recommendations, and health and safety testing of combustion appliances, including furnaces and water heaters. It is this baseline, along with other skill sets, that qualifies Energy Professionals participating in the program to accurately assess your home.